My name is Carlin Hanley and I am the face behind “Sweet Bedlam”, a food blog all about living with food allergies. I am seventeen years old and am allergic to dairy, peanuts, most tree-nuts, sesame seeds, and shrimp. Through this blog, I will share recipes, product reviews, and tips. My hope is that my blog will help people to live their lives with allergies with as much ease as possible, just like I have over the last seventeen years.

I would always appreciate any constructive criticism you could give me as well as any other ingredients you added or subtracted to improve my recipes, as this will help me and other readers. I encourage you to leave comments about what recipes or posts you would like to see from me or any questions you have about the recipe.

Finally, I have social media for this blog! So, if you have Instagram or Pinterest. Click the links to follow! (Note: we are working on a Facebook page currently so when it is up, you will all be updated)

Pinterest: @sweetbedlam (pinterest.com/sweetbedlam)

Instagram: @sweetbedlam (instagram.com/sweetbedlam)

Twitter: @sweetbedlam (twitter.com/sweetbedlam)

Email: carlin@sweetbedlam.com

Thank you for reading! Make sure you check back soon as I will be updating regularly.

-Carlin Hanley



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